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Surpassing 100,000 streams on Spotify and airplay in 50 countries, Arina Mai is riding a well-deserved wave of success with her music. On February 10, Arina Mai's ”Finally Home” EP arrived. 

In a God-forsaken music industry, it seems insanely brave that Arina Mai credits God, and a spiritual journey of the soul, as the ultimate reason why she has regained faith in herself. It is her strong Christian faith that has proven to be a thousand times more effective than 16 psychologists, psychopharmaceuticals and hospitalizations. Her faith paved the way for her musical creativity, which has now led to her debut EP. 

Arina Mai's ''Finally Home'' has been warmly received by her home country, Denmark. Songs from her EP are playing on major Danish radio stations, and Arina Mai has held interviews for the Danish radio giant, DR. On March 18, 2023, Arina Mai will appear on one of Denmark’s major network stations, TV2. She will hold an interview and perform ‘’Finally Home’’ on the popular morning show Go’ morgen Danmark (Good Morning Denmark).

Focusing on the original "I" and important messages for vulnerable young women

"Finally Home" contains five soul, pop and R&B songs about personal development, faith and the path to empowerment. Arina Mai aims to give young people something real and imperfect to think about. On the track "Paramount", Arina Mai thematizes the inner strength we all possess when we visualize and attract the good in the physical life, which would otherwise only live in our dreams. "Dynamite" revolves around utilizing one's creative empathy in personal relationships and thereby strengthening each other instead of the eternal competition in which young women relentlessly let their true "self" disappear. 

​On the EP's title track "Finally Home”, Arina Mai describes the journey home to herself, which metaphorically contains the freedom to let go of other people's ideas and interpretations of what one should do, and instead follow her inner voice.

Arina Mai grew up in a small town near Copenhagen, Denmark. She began singing at the age of eight and wrote her first song when she was thirteen. Her favorite instrument is the piano. Her interest in music grew after she won her first talent show in 2005. 
She nurtured her vocal skills by singing in church choirs. By the age of 15, she leaped into recording her original works in high profile studios. Her first CD was completed in 2010. Unfortunately, there were several traumatic episodes in Arina Mai's life that prevented her from further persuing a career in the music business at that time.

In 2017, Arina Mai was signed to an independent Danish label. Here, she released several songs featuring other artists. One of the songs received a solid chart placement. When her contract ended, Arina Mai remained focused on her solo projects. She worked on finding her sound.

In 2019, she wrote her song ''Troubled mind'. This song has grabbed a lot of attention, from more than 50 countries both in radios, on Spotify, social media and more. Troubled mind also Received a chart placement.  

Arina Mai's heart is based in her Copenhagen home church, where she also leads worship.

In a musical perspective, her music fits in very well at the area of pop.

Her songs are the perfect soundtracks for those days when you need to remind yourself that you are good enough and have lots of potential and raw strength.

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