Arina Mai was born & raised in a small city near Copenhagen, Denmark.  She started singing at the age of 8 & wrote her first song at the age of 13. Her preferred instrument is the piano. Her passion for music escalated when she won her first talent show in 2005.

She nurtured her vocal skills by singing in church choirs. By the age of 15, she leaped into recording her original works in high profile studios. Her first CD was completed in 2010. Unfortunately, there were several traumatic episodes in Arina Mai's life that prevented her from further persuing a career in the music business at that time.

In 2017, Arina Mai was signed to an independent Danish label. Here, she released several songs featuring other artists. One of the songs received a solid chart placement. When her contract ended, Arina Mai remained focused on her solo projects. She worked on finding her sound.

In 2019, she wrote her song ''Troubled mind'. This song has grabbed a lot of attention, from more than 50 countries both in radios, on Spotify, social media and more. Troubled mind also Received a chart placement.  Arina Mai released a musicvideo for her power song, and here you'll experience, and feel Arina Mai much closer than before.

Where There is a past, There is a history.
Arina Mais heart is based in her home church in Copenhagen, where she is also leading worship.
Next, she is going to drop more singles from her upcoming EP.  Genre: Alternative/pop/christian. Arina Mai says: It's time to share my testimony of how I got success in my life with who i am and getting the joy back after many years were i was living in a dark pit. Now it's healed scars on my soul and my stories putted into lyrics with a strong modern pop sound, with a hint of faith.

Cheering Crowd