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Interview with Arina Mai
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How have you evolved as an artist over the last year?

My personal development has progressed. I am truly focused and eager to build an International name for myself.  I believe my fans can feel my energy in my music. My songwriting ability has strengthened. The long hours in the studio have  shaped my performance capabilities. My production team was truly amazing. I have been challenged in a positive way.

Live Interview With Arina Mai 

All the way to Australia with radio host Andsley Dennis. Listen to this interview and hear Arina tells about her new release ''Chronicle'' and her hit song ''Troubled mind''

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If Arina Mai continues to produce on the same level she is in this single, I think she’s going to be finding superstardom a lot sooner than later. She’s got all the right chops to deliver a thunderously melodic performance – that much is clear even at a distance when listening to “Get Closer” – and with a little more time and space to develop her sound even more than she already has here, I believe she (and her professional momentum) could be unstoppable.

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Mai’s voice could easily slip into R&B, new age and pop genres. She understands people. She’s a natural. Her music, in English, can translate into any language.
Her truth is a universal truth.

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''Get Closer'' From Denmarks own Arina Mai'' If you’re like me, you’re probably a little burned out by songs that sound the same. But.......
 “Get Closer” is from Mai’s debut record, Imperfect. If this song is any indication of the route she’s going, I will be the first one to fall down the rabbit hole. I like songs like this....

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She’s got so much passion with the mic in her hand, and while she isn’t a household name (yet), she’s presenting herself as a consummate professional in “Get Closer” without ever translating as arrogant or self-centered in her style of play.

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“Relationship” is the new single from Danish singer Arina Mai. Proving once again she sings with passion, Mai’s words glide from her voice as if they were straight from her heart. Like a balm to a bad abrasion, Mai’s soothing voice is no match for the unsettled and sporadic music bed. Exciting as it is, all ears are on the lyrics. Almost cinematic in nature, Mai‘s vocals are to be treasured.

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Mai’s inner voice and outward charisma solidify her appeal. This new track, reminiscent of the vocals of the late Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), is a solid pop offering. Her moving, full of emotion, pleas hit straight to the heart and soul.

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Mai answers a lot of questions and offers ways to heal. Her thoughtfulness is not just an extension of her artistry, it gives the song “Get Closer” all the more reason to really feel the words she’s singing. 

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A lyrical masterpiece yet a track that is defined by far more than its poeticisms alone, this is one single that pop fans need to hear for themselves this summer – if for no other reason than to get exposed to one of Denmark’s most talented young voices.

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Mai sounds completely in her element and at home with her studio surroundings, loosely alluding to her many years spent developing her skills with every careful beat she follows. This is a big moment for her career, and once you’ve heard “Get Closer” for yourself, I think you’ll understand why I would even go as far as to call it a cornerstone of what could become a mighty success story.


Ascending from the silence like a divine force that was always meant to rise from this earth and return to the heavens from which it was originally sent, we discover the opening bars of “Get Closer” adorned with a melody as rich as it is palatable to anyone who loves piano-driven pop music. 

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Though it’s not clear from her biography, Mai does note in her press materials that she suffered a life-changing event earlier in her career.
“Get Closer” certainly feels like a diary entry.